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South America, here we come!
May 2, 2007, 3:20 pm
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November 3, 2007: Our 2 1/2 weeks have flown by in Maine, and we are once again on the road. First stop will see Cathy working with the Warao crew on 1 Samuel while Ross continues the checking of the Pemon NT. Once he is finished, he will make his first working trip to Lima, Peru where he will teach language learning to a group of college age students who are investing a year in intensive Spanish studies. A few days before that assignment is completed, Cathy will leave Venezuela and head to the southern portion of Peru and the old Inca capital of Cusco. There she will begin the check of the final book of the NT in Quechua. Lord willing, Ross will join her in the midst of the first week. We will also be joined by Birch for a work while he trains the Quechua team in formatting their NT and sets up their quality checks using the software he designed in Asia. The final two weeks of our trip will be spent with the Tenek in Mexico. This will be their first regular workshop.

Ross & Cathy Hodsdon
May 2, 2007, 3:18 pm
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Ross & Cathy Hodsdon

Mexico Update – January 2007
January 17, 2007, 9:53 am
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From Mexico Janura…

600 years before Christ, the Tenek people of modern Mexico raised up a great civilization a few hundred miles south of the tip of Texas. Archeology has revealed the horror of the beheadings of women as sacrifices as well as the incredible feats of engineering carried out as part of their daily life. Beginning with a handful of believers in this century, the Lord is building His church among them even though they are dependent on Spanish Scriptures rather than the Bible in their own language. That is changing now thanks to the work of Pastor Fernando Angeles and his dear wife Christy.

From Mexico Janura…

At the end of December, we traveled to their home in Santa Marta to initiate the translation work. We were welcomed to their little home and soon made to feel that we were part of their family. Kelly Wyler, BI’s newest member, traveled with us as our intern and added so much to our stay there. We enjoyed watching her adjust to the night sounds of roosters, mules, and dogs as well as water fetched from a well at the bottom of the hill. Pray that God will enable her to quickly complete her deputation and join us as our newest consultant. By the time our two weeks had sped past we had completed the training of five highly motivated and gifted Tenek who will serve as the translation’s Read and Review Committee and had checked the first chapters of the Gospel of Mark.

From Mexico Janura…
From Mexico Janura…

Lord willing, we will be with them in the Spring to do the first major checking workshop.India, here we come! Today (January 17th) we leave for India with our middle son Dana to join the Champeons and their four helpers in Imphal. Latest reports are that the situation there is much more strained since the executions in Iraq. Please pray for us especially as we return to Assam the end of January for six weeks of work there. Lord willing, we will remain in Asia until April 11th.

Home again
December 23, 2006, 3:51 pm
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The stay in
Myanmar is over, and we are praising the Lord for all that was done during our six weeks there.  Specifically we saw good progress in five translations including the completion of all the initial checks of the Falam New Testament.  We also saw three new translators trained for two of the projects, young men who greatly impressed us with their commitment and abilities. 

Because of a growing lack of public electricity in the capital, we were not able to study in our usual location but had the men come to our boarding house where a generator kept us in power for both computers and the much appreciated air conditioning.  As the temperature often hovered over 100 degrees, the latter was a necessity for long days of intense study.  



Accompanying us to
Myanmar and remaining with the Champeons when we left were a quartet of young ladies including Leigha Reed who traveled from
Maine with us. Most days saw Leigha putting in long hours with her computer as she brought local color literally to the primers being created by Connie for several languages.  Each tribe has its own color patterns for clothing just as the birds and animals pictured in the primers have coloring that we are often not familiar with.  Leigha’s job was to talk with members of each language’s literacy committee .  Once she discovered the proper colors, she would add those colors to the drawings prepared by a local artist and already on her computer. 


            On January 28th, we are to travel to
Mexico for the first time in 35 years!  We will not be going to the southern jungle where we took our jungle training so many years ago but rather to a little village north of
Mexico City and the home of our newest language project.  Although we will be doing some translation checking, our most important job will be to create and train the read and review committee.  These are the native speakers of the language who will have the responsibility of discovering ways to make the translators’ work more beautiful and true to the natural patterns of the language.

Safe arrival
October 21, 2006, 5:48 am
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Here we go! The suitcases somehow held all the necessary supplies for our six weeks in Myanmar even though the airlines cut our allowed weight by a third since our return from Asia last spring. Tuesday morning we had a second chance to struggle with the new weight requirements when Leigha Reed and her mom came up to our home to have help getting the most important 50lbs in both her suitcases. In the end she was forced to have one case with 20lbs overweight just as we did. Everything was finally loaded, however, and ready to be put on the plane.
When we called the Champeons Friday morning in Grand Rapids, the twins were talking excitedly about the fluffy snow that was covering everything outside their windows. We are praying that the early season snow would be cleared out before they left for Chicago. We were scheduled to meet them at O’Hare field. The first leg of the trip went great. We were not even charged overweight for the two heavy bags (it could have been $100). With Leigha Reed we arrived in Chicago at the very gate where we were joined by a second gal on our team (Carla) five minutes later. We then moved to the international flights area where Kristy Montgomery joined us. Finally the Champeons arrived with twin hugs for everyone. Hoping to get seats for all of us together, Cathy went to the ticket counter and literally came running back to us. Someone had goofed and Cathy and my seats were on an earlier flight to Japan that was about to leave. Some five minutes of mad running and praying later we managed to get on board before the door was closed. That was a close one! Rule #1 in international air travel: Never take anything for granted no matter who made the promise.
Of course the change meant that we were not available to help with the twins on the long flight across the Pacific, but the Lord helped and both boys slept a good part of the way. About two hours after we sat down at the Tokyo airport, the other eight members of our team caught up with us, and we headed on to Bangkok. By now the boys had had all the air travel they needed. Their normally sunny dispositions were a bit tattered. Fortunately the protests were neither loud nor long as the movement of the plane in flight soon had both them and their parents sound asleep. Unlike previous flights, this one had many empty seats so Miss Stacy (the twins’ baby sitter) was able to stretch out on an entire section of seats and get a good rest. We landed where we had never landed before in a city that we have landed in many times! Bangkok has a brand new international airport. Going through immigration was a breeze as was finding transportation into the city. We stored nine of our cases at the airport and that allowed all ten of us plus the rest of our luggage to travel in one large van to the Christian guest house in the center of Bangkok.
We arrived in Yangon late on Sunday night. We were all exhausted and headed immediately to bed. We had two days to unpack and rest up before friends started to arrive. The first week has been a battle to get our sleep patterns back to normal. Waking up at 4 AM is not normal! We had a great time with some of our friends this week and got a great start on what we wanted to talk to them about.


Countdown to Myanmar
October 2, 2006, 1:51 pm
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myanmar-06-049.jpg Only eleven days remain before the long flight to Asia will begin. Joined by Leigha Reed, we will fly early the morning of the 13th for Chicago where the rest of our group will join us. All told there will be ten (including the “grandtwins”) who will fly to Tokyo and then on to Bangkok and finally Yangon.